[iOS] Tracks Skipping on WiFi/4G

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Multiple reports of playback issues and tracks being skipped on iOS. Majority of reports appear to be on WiFi, but a small number also report issues on 4G. 


To reproduce:

  • Listen to Spotify.
  • Appears songs will play for a period of time and then skip onto the next track. From reports the length of time being played appears random.



Reports suggest this may be less severe when using a 3G mobile connection. 

For the time being, this has not been mentioned as an issue with offline playlists (only occurs whilst streaming) so offline playlists may be advisable. 


Additional information:



If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. What iPhone/iPad you are using.
  2. Your Spotify app version.
  3. Your iOS version.
  4. Your Spotify Subscription plan (Free/Unlimited/Premium)
  5. Type of Connection you experience this issue using (eg. WiFi/2G/3G/4G/LTE)
  6. (If applicable) are offline playlists unaffected?






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Hey everyone! This issue was sorted on iOS with the 0.9.3 release. If you're still having trouble with your iOS device please post in the iOS help boards, thanks!

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I also am having trouble with skipping songs on my iphone. I use iOS 7 and have a premium membership. My spotify version is 9.2.7

Been having this issue for a week now.


1. iPhone 4s


3. 7.0.4

4. Premium

5. WiFi (everytime!)

6. Seem to be unaffected


Hope you guys can get this corrected ASAP! Beats looks interesting and if I can't use what I pay for I will switch!

Casual Listener

!See important hint below! 


It just started for me today after not having the problem for an hour or so of listening


1. iPhone 5

2. 0.9.2

3. ios 7.02

4. Premium

5. Wifi

6. N/A


It was doing it, now it stopped...

And now it started again - about 10 minutes later

Tried with each different menu screen showing, it skipped on all of them


After that, I had it on the main screen.  The music stopped playing altogether.  Went back to spotify, it jumped between several screens on it's own, then quit, and restarted itself (at least that is what it looked like, because it went back to the home screen, then came back to spotify)


!! Important hint !!  

It looks like the same song repeatedly skips at the same place when replayed.


Try Artist "Big Sam's Funky Nation", track "New Funk"  Time around 4:15.  Any time after that, it will only play a short while, then the time indicator goes way, and shortly after that it skips

Casual Listener
  1. iPhone 5S
  2. Spotify v0.9.2
  3. iOS v7.0.4
  4. Premium
  5. Issue on WiFi only
  6. Not sure about offline playlists.

I think this started a few weeks ago - I have had premium for a few months, but I didn't notice this until recently. I believe it was happening on 0.9.1 as well, as I updated to 0.9.2 hoping it would be fixed.

Canceling premium at the end of the month until this is fixed - most of my listening is on WiFi at work. I have a poor data connection in my office, so not really an option.


I am having this issue. It is extremely annoying to have it with something I pay for. 


  1. iphone 4S/ iPad 3
  2. o.9.2.7
  3. ios 6.0 on the phone, ios 7 on the ipad (I hate 7 and don't want to update the phone)
  4. Premium 
  5. wifi and 3g
  6. I don't use offline playlists

Also, album art isn't loading. 

This has rendered this service useless. I cannot listen to one song all the way through. I am paying for a service I am not receiving. Please fix this bug and refund the money am spending on a useless plan. 




  1. iPhone 4S
  3. iOS 6.1.3 (I'm out of space!)
  4. Premium
  5. WiFi (minimal testing did not produce bug on 4G)
  6. Don't use offline playlists

I use Spotify pretty much daily and this only startd happening 1-2 weeks ago. Before and after the update to Pretty much unusable at this point. Thanks.

Casual Listener

I have the same issue!


  • What iPhone/iPad you are using.     Iphone 5S
  • Your Spotify app version.      
  • Your iOS version.                         7.0.4
  • Your Spotify Subscription plan (Free/Unlimited/Premium)    Premium
  • Type of Connection you experience this issue using (eg. WiFi/2G/3G/4G/LTE)
  • (If applicable) are offline playlists unaffected?   not sure, needs testing.
Casual Listener

Just happened for the first time on Verizon LTE, so updating my previous post:


  1. iPhone 5S
  2. Spotify v0.9.2
  3. iOS v7.0.4
  4. Premium
  5. WiFi and Verizon LTE
  6. Not sure about offline playlists.
Confirmed same problem.

iPhone 5
Spotify v0.9.2.7
iOS v7.0.4
Not sure about offline playlists.

I've had this problem for a while now, its utterly ridiculous:


1) Ipad mini

2) version:

3) IOS 7.0.3

4) Premium

5) Wifi

5) Offline playlists are affected.