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[iOS] Tracks sync very slowly

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Syncing tracks for offline use, on iPhone is extremely slow.

Additional information

From original topic:

"The mobile Spotify app is extremely slow to sync songs and usually stops after 20-25 songs. This has been happening for weeks if not months.

I have a blazing fast cable connection: 100Mb download speed + backup 8Mb download DSL. I've tried on these 2 connections + a 20Mb DSL connection at work and I have the same issue. Wifi signal is 5/5 on both iPhones and bandwidth tests are good.
Friends of mine living where I live (Strasbourg, France) don't seem to have the same problem. I can only think that it might be related to my account."


Please provide this additional info when you reply:

  • Which device(s) are you using? Please be specific, i.e. iPhone 4S, iPad 3 WiFi only, iPad 4 3G
  • What version is your iOS? I.e. 5.1,6.0.1,etc.
  • What quality are you syncing?
  • On which device(s) is syncing slow?
  • On which device(s) is syncing fast (or "regular" speed)?
  • If your tracks are syncing slowly, what's your average sync speed?
  • How many tracks, approximately, are you trying to sync?
  • Are you syncing over WiFi or 3G?
  • Do you know and can you confirm how fast your down- and upload speeds are on your WiFi network?
  • (Optional, for privacy reasons) In which country are you located?
  • Are you syncing local files or Spotify tracks?
  • If you are trying to sync local files, could you try only syncing Spotify tracks. Is this slow?
  • Please provide a couple of examples of playlists or tracks that are slow to sync.
  • On the "slow" device, did you:
    reset the cache of your Safari app?
    un- and reinstall the Spotify app?


2013-01-10: We still have people looking into this and we need your help to provide more specific data

2013-01-16: Anyone having any kind of connection issue should have a look at the connection troubleshooting tips

2013-01-29: We have reports of this issue being resolved for users with an iPhone 5, on iOS 6.1. Please try updating your device to iOS 6.1 and let us know if that changes anything. When you reply, please include your iOS version.

Hey guys we're going to close this thread as it's been getting very posts. If you continue to have trouble please start a new thread in the iOS board and we will investigate. Thank


I think it's becoming pretty clear that using a 801.11b network is the only way to resolve this bug.


I know the community managers have a hard time buying into the fact that it's just a change in network that's fixing the bug, but it would be great for them to now take this feedback on board given that there is a growing number of people that report that it works under 801.11b and slows down under all other networks.



iPhone5 (fully updated), iPad2 (fully updated), MacOS Desktop

Extreme quality

iPhone, iPad sync slow

Desktop syncs fast

Averages about 1 song every 10 minutes

Syncing anywhere between 10 and 200 tracks, same performance

Syncing over WiFi

Download speeds on WiFi network are fast everywhere else


Spotify tracks are slow

This playlist is the one that's currently taking forever (though they all do): Exploration

Have re-installed Spotify a number of times



I have no issues syncing tracks on my iPad 3 (WiFi only). I'll add a single track to an existing playlist and it'll sync within 20-30 seconds, which is about normal for me. The same single track on my iPhone 5 will take 4-5 minutes to fully sync. Both devices are on the latest iOS firmware, 6.0.1 and 6.0.2.


I've reinstalled the app mutliple times with the same results, incredibly painful each time considering an entire playlist will typically take all night to sync. Spotfy tracks are being synced over wifi on extreme quality.


It's now been 3 weeks since this problem was brought to attention and no update or fix from the Spotify staff.

Subscription cancelled. You say your customers are important yet you tell them nothing.


I agree! Plus, when we come up with constructive alternatives, you guys aren't even willing to consider it as the source of the problem. Having done at least forty different combinations, changing the network to B only seems to fix the problem. When we suggested it, you guys didn't seem interested in looking into it!


An update on this would be much appreciated!

The new iOS 6.1 Update is the final solution.
In my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 now takes about 8-10 seconds to download each track in Extreme Quality on Offline Playlists.
I'm from Chile, my Internet Connection is an ADSL (Movistar Chile) and I try with two diferent Routers, an 'g' and 'n'.

Nope. It's still an issue at home on my Netgear router (seems to work at my work's netgear router though, same model). I have opened up every port I can think of, done DMZ, turned off any firewall setting. It doesn't support 802.11b at all, so I can't even try that fix.


I'm setting up an old airport express in bridge mode with a seperate 802.11b network just to see once and for all if that helps. 


The 802.11b network seems to be working, but it only seems tollerable at normal quality. Extreme still seems slower than it should be, but that just might be my own impatience as they are higher quality and much bigger files to transfer. I synced 22 songs in the ammount of time it took me to type this. Seems better on B.


We have reports of this issue being resolved for users with an iPhone 5, on iOS 6.1. Please try updating your device to iOS 6.1 and let us know if that changes anything. When you reply, please include your iOS version.


updated to iOS 6.1

Waited over 5 minutes to sync ONE track.
Switched back to b network and syncing 2-3 tracks per min.


Are you guys even making an attempt to resolve this problem?

"We have reports of this issue being resolved for users with an iPhone 5, on iOS 6.1"

There is only ONE post from a user that it seemed to resolve for. not multiple users posting "update to 6.1 worked for me"


Seems like the developers are just sitting back hoping the problem will fix itself and enjoying our money.


Once again. No information. No reassurance that it's being looked at. Maybe you are hoping redcarpet26 is a nice enough user to solve your issue for you so you can suggest HIS fix. Only troubleshooting I see happening is other users decribing what they've tried.


A paid service should provide support to their customers. Not expect the community to fix it themselves.