[iOS] Unable to open Spotify on iPad Pro

Device: iPad Pro


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1



Spotify Version: 4.3


DescriptionSpotify crashes on startup when using an iPad Pro




This is now fixed, with Spotify for iOS Version 4.4.0:



Yeah I'm a little surprised this wasn't worked out before the launch of the pro. Devs esp as big as Spotify can usually get their hands on new devices earlier than others for testing their apps....


When I first got the iPad pro set up with an iPad backup the old version of Spotify opened and worked perfectly.  Then I did app updates and now experience the same issue.  Hope it's fixed soon.

It is absolutely ridiculous, in fact, the overwhelming amount of issues can be fleshed out in the simulator, especially given that the majority of differences for an app like Spotify will involve UIDevice and screen size queries, which can be done in the simulator to add support for the larger screen size.  My hunch based on the crash & the trace I have seen of the crash on my device is this is exactly it, the old app made an "unsafe" screen size call in setting up UI bounds or frames and no one even bothered launching the app in even the iPad Pro simulator, let alone on a real device.  There really is no excuse for this bug to have made it to launch day. 

This is really annoying it really turns me of Spotify iTunes music works!



I'm having this issue on my iPad Pro too.

Please, fix it.


Thank you


How about a credit for all of us with no use of the product? 


I'm another frustrated iPad Pro user running premium Spotify. There's nothing premium about an App that doesn't even launch!


I do hope Frustrtaed iPad Pro users will get some kind of incentive - like a month or two free service - that would be nice guys!!!


Still no fix for ipad pro, shocking! Working fine on ipad air, upgraded to pro, now nothing, AMATEUR !!!

I decided to pay for a month of Apple Music 😳 Until Spotify fixes the problem.

I'm a Premium user too, and that's a very terrible experience. I'm paying for something I can't use at all.