[iOS] Unable to open Spotify on iPad Pro

Device: iPad Pro


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1



Spotify Version: 4.3


DescriptionSpotify crashes on startup when using an iPad Pro




This is now fixed, with Spotify for iOS Version 4.4.0:



Yep, waiting for an Fix for iPad Pro too. And while you're at, could you fix that ''epic collection"  'feature' as well ? 

Apple Music are offering 3 months trial for FREE ATM

No Update since more than 6 days 😠 for a known bug. 

Maybe the end of my Premium-Account, which i use for nearly 2 years. 

I dont like Apple-Music, but it works in my iPad Pro!





1 more day before i move to apple music...


"thank you" spotify for beeing so amateurs !



iPad pro user. Family premium account holder and as the account holder I can't use it.


It would be nice to let your users know what is happening regardless if there is no fix just yet, but to inform them of progress it's just good UX. Saying nothing will put users in frustration a questionable mind frame, distrust in the product and will result in users taking business else where.


A refund and a profound apology are both in order here.


I love spotify, but the lack of communication is sad. I really don't want to go to Apple music, but I also want to use the righteous new speakers on the Pro. Can we at least get an ETA on when it will be functional again?

An ETA would be great. It's been a week and I can't imagine the changes required to the application to make it at least functional are immense. I'd be OK with it not looking great on the pro for now to at least be able to use it.


I mean, some issues would be acceptable-ish, but the app not starting at all is down right bull. Should be top priority!


And you can add me as another disgruntled Spotify premium subscriber with a new iPad Pro and the app doesn't work. If it's not fixed by the end of the month, I guess it's time to look for another service!