[iOS] Unable to open Spotify on iPad Pro

Status: Fixed

Device: iPad Pro


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1



Spotify Version: 4.3


DescriptionSpotify crashes on startup when using an iPad Pro




This is now fixed, with Spotify for iOS Version 4.4.0:


What issue do you have? The problem seems to be solved for everyone else... Might be worth switching your iPad Pro off and then on again and see if that helps.
Update to Spotify last night in the far so good shame it took nearly a week
Update to Spotify last night in the far so good shame it took nearly a week
Still not working on my iPad. Are there really anyone assigned to this problem at Spotify at all. Been a month now almost.

Try deleting Spotify, then download and install again from the app store. To be completey sure, hard reboot the iPad before downloading & installing ...

I have read many issues on here and I am wondering what to do. It seem costumer service is a very rare commodity on Spotify and letting the community find their own answers while gaining information from us doing so while offering no true support is plain weird and rude. I am very sad to have to leave you, as it took me years of getting to this music lists I have organized, however I cannot suffer negligence and feeling ignored. My IpadPro was supposed to give me an extra 3333 songs downloadable ( which add yes to 3 offline devices allowance music space we are entitle) and to be compatible to allow music offline but it isn't working. I can at time get a few albums offline and then they all seem to vanish. It is exhausting getting support from Spotify. It is a shame as the format is great, but not keeping up to date with IOS is foolish.

Yeah I similarly switched off Spotify a month ago due to the poor support for the iPad. I actually also was told quite recently by a friend whose friend works at Spotify that they have made the decision to essentially ignore "lesser used" platforms such as the iPad, which explains why none of these issues are getting resolved.


Anyway, at least Apple Music lets me manage my play queue on the iPad, so I'm going with that. I agree with @djamila too that I regret leaving Spotify because I similarly spent a long time building up customized data, so it's too bad that they've decided to abandon us in this way :


Hey @kenron


I am glad to tell you this issue was fixed quite awhile ago 🙂


As for the editable playlist quee, Spotify now has that too! 🙂


Hey @djamila


this issue has been resolved quite some time ago 🙂


Regarding the vanishing albums, you can create a topic and Private Message me the link and I'll be happy to help you fix it 🙂