[iOS] Unable to open Spotify on iPad Pro

Status: Fixed

Device: iPad Pro


Operating System Version: iOS 9.1



Spotify Version: 4.3


DescriptionSpotify crashes on startup when using an iPad Pro




This is now fixed, with Spotify for iOS Version 4.4.0:



Really frustrating. Also giving Apple Music a shot.


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!


Spotify is looking into this and will hopefully have a fix soon!


Thanks So Much for your Patience with this Issue 🙂


Are there really higher priority bugs? "Doesn't work at all" is pretty much the ultimate bug. Who makes this stuff and lets it sit in the App Store, completely broken, for over a week??




I don't understand how Spotify could have let this happen on an IOS device. I'm paying you guys for a service you cannot deliver on. Please provide an update on the status of this issue and how soon this will be resolved.






At least there is a high quality service to fall back on when Spotify drops the ball like this (last time it was the months iPad went without getting the "My Music" feature).


Apple Music.jpeg

This is really about lack of communication. It's incredible how blasé @spotify seems to be about customer service and ux. Zero explanation. Zero apologies. Zero indication of timeframe. Zero offer of any form of compensation. I have been a premium subscriber for more than two years. In addition to that I'd probably even say I've been a brand advocate, gently nudging friends and relatives in the direction of Spotify when the question of choosing a streaming provider arose. I scoffed at Apple's embarrassingly late entry to the market, and despite being a bit of an Apple fanboy, made the call early that Spotify was the best. And that's where I'd be staying. Until now. Come on Spotify. Your response to this minor crisis is casting a disproportionately long shadow.  If you can't fix the darn problem tell us. If you can, tell us when. At least tell us something and stop thanking us for our patience. We're running out. 

deetyork suggested in another topic that if you download Puffin Browser you can listen to Spotify on its Web page (this bypasses Apple's ban on Flash). I've tried this and it works, once you find where you can sign in to listen to your music (underneath where they want you to sign up).
It has been more than a week with the same problem. Can you make available an interim solution?

I`am try to run spotify in my ipad pro 128GB Wifi+Cell. And having same problem. The app crash in starup.

Please resolve ASAP....!!!!!