[iOS] [iPad] Search Doesn't Return All Results

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Searching on iPad does not always return all search results. 


To reproduce:

  • Using the iPad application run a simple search which will return many results. 
  • Selecting Artists/Albums/Playlists or Scrolling down to Tracks will not show all search results (if you run a comparable search on desktop or iPhone).


Upon testing, it appears loading the search for a second time fixes this issue. My example:

  • Search "David Bowie" and select Albums in search results. App returns 14 album results. 
  • Search "Pink Floyd" and select Albums in search results (number of results is not relevant).
  • Search "David Bowie" and select Albums in search results. App will return all albums by David Bowie in the catalogue (which is a lot!).


Additional information:

It appears the application fails to "get more" results on scrolling on the first search, but when it checks and reloads the cached content when searching again it works as expected. 


The work around detailed above does not work for advanced searches such as genre: label: year: etc.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your Spotify Version
  2. Your iPad's iOS Version.




2014-02-05: Spotify are working on a fix for this issue.


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Status: Fixed
Using search modifiers like label: or genre: only return seven album results. The workaround you provided does not work. Help.
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Can confirm that is the case, unfortunately there is nothing I can suggest to make it work I'm afraid.

I will update the first post.
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Bug still here (search results just keep getting the same albums round and round as you scroll down in 'label' search): Spotify iOS 7.0.6 iPad ME276B/A
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Hey guys! This should now be sorted for all of you. 


If you're still having trouble please let us know! Thanks!

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Status changed to: Fixed
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Status changed to: Fixed