[iOS] "Track only available online" spam

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When opening Spotify an empty Now Playing is shown with a "Track Only Available Online" alert. Clicking "OK" removes the message.

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2013-01-10: We've been able to reproduce this and are looking into a fix.

2013-03-13: This was fixed with the 0.6.0 update!




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this is huge, please keep us posted and push out an update ASAP. thank you!!!!

To remind everyone what error message we are talking about... Notice the "connecting..." At the top.

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Happy to announce that I can confirm this message is no longer present on the latest update of 0.6.0 for iOS. 


Thank you Spotify, for listening to my personal bug complaint of the "Track Only Available Online" issue. That is no longer present. Do one more thing for me, in the next update, if the app is reopening and is trying to connect to the server again, always revert to the Now Playing screen. It still takes me to the last used search as it did with the "Track Only Available Online" issue. Not horrible, as it actually saves my place in the song now, but please put this fix in the next update.


Overall, very happy with the update. Thanks a lot!


This was fixed with the 0.6.0 update!

Status changed to: Fixed