[iPad] Screen Rotation Behavior Broken

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Status: Fixed


Spotify's rotation detection appears to be broken in Spotify for iOS 1.1.x on iPad. Opening/Closing the app or locking/unlocking the screen (with Spotify in the foreground) will cause Spotify to change to portrait mode, even if the iPad is in landscape. 


To reproduce:

  • Place iPad into landscape mode.
  • Lay iPad flat on a table.
  • Open Spotify, it will launch in portrait mode. Pressing home shows the iPad is still in landscape mode. 



Tilting the iPad will return Spotify to landscape, but it appears to fail to detect the current iPad settings on launch/restore.


Additional information:

Seems to have been introduced in v1.1.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your iOS version.
  2. Your Spotify version.




2014-07-30 - Fixed in iOS v1.5.0


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Status: Fixed

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Same problem with iPad Air iOs 7.1.1 Spotify 1.1.0

With my iPhone 5s everything works at iOS 7.1.1 and Spotify 1.1.0, but it can't sort by Artist and so on in my music...

I hope they will bring the same look on the iPad soon, it's definitely faster and I like the new look!
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Mine rotates to landscape as long as the iPad isn't sitting flat on a surface but all other apps I use detect that the iPad is in landscape and launch the correct way around.
Casual Listener
Agreed, small problem, big annoyance.
iOS 7.1(11D167)
Spotify v
Edit (iPad Air)
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Still not sorted Spotify! Sort it or loose custom!
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That response from Keiron W is bullcrap. Spotify' app used to respect screen rotation correctly, and other apps continue to, Spotify was the only one that broke. I'm guessing Keiron doesn't actually know that much about the development side of the app, or didn't understand what the issue is, because I got a different response.

I mentioned @spotifycares in a tweet and got this response:

@SpotifyCares: @TBIRallySport Hey! We haven't forgotten about this issue but we don't have an ETA on a fix I'm afraid, sorry! /A

That's also what I replied back, that it doesn't make any sense what so ever. And I made it really clear they better fix this ASAP. Really want a solution soon, because I sincerely love this app and use it about 5 hours per day.