[iPad] Screen Rotation Behavior Broken

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Status: Fixed


Spotify's rotation detection appears to be broken in Spotify for iOS 1.1.x on iPad. Opening/Closing the app or locking/unlocking the screen (with Spotify in the foreground) will cause Spotify to change to portrait mode, even if the iPad is in landscape. 


To reproduce:

  • Place iPad into landscape mode.
  • Lay iPad flat on a table.
  • Open Spotify, it will launch in portrait mode. Pressing home shows the iPad is still in landscape mode. 



Tilting the iPad will return Spotify to landscape, but it appears to fail to detect the current iPad settings on launch/restore.


Additional information:

Seems to have been introduced in v1.1.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your iOS version.
  2. Your Spotify version.




2014-07-30 - Fixed in iOS v1.5.0


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Status: Fixed

Confirm. It is very annoying...

iOS 7.1.1



Same problem here, I even wrote a complaint to them about a month ago, still isn't answered - disapointing Spotify, fix asap please.


Spotify Version:  //  iOS 7.1.1 (11D201)




2014-05-21 15.31.13.png
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I cancelled my premium subscription (pending a fix)...

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And still no fix for this! This is bad. I've started using Napster again. At the moment their app for iPad is far superior to Spotify. How about a statement? Makes a joke of the whole 'Spotify Cares' thing.

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Why is this not sorted yet with a pre update whilst you sort rolling out the 'new look' that is already on the iPhone but not on the iPad??

This community is only worthwhile if you take on board issues raised and suggestions posted by users.

Found a simply way to deal with this annoying problem. Just tap the Home button 3 times when in landscape mode and the screen is stuck in portrait. It will basically just quickly open up the app switching screen and immediately cancel out of it, tricking the Spotify app into thinking that its been switched to and the screen will rotate into landscape accordingly. I found this easy since I have a keyboard attached to my iPad with a home button. Normally I only have to press it once to pull the screen back up when it locks, but I guess I can deal with just tapping it 3 times. Hope they fix the bug soon though. 😕
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Still broken in 1.2. 😞
Same problem on 6.1.3 makes the ipad app useless and very close to cancelling.
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Still not sorted Spotify! Sort it or loose custom!
Same issue! So annoying!
iOS 7.1.1 iPad mini Retina 32GB
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