[iPad] Screen Rotation Behavior Broken

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Status: Fixed


Spotify's rotation detection appears to be broken in Spotify for iOS 1.1.x on iPad. Opening/Closing the app or locking/unlocking the screen (with Spotify in the foreground) will cause Spotify to change to portrait mode, even if the iPad is in landscape. 


To reproduce:

  • Place iPad into landscape mode.
  • Lay iPad flat on a table.
  • Open Spotify, it will launch in portrait mode. Pressing home shows the iPad is still in landscape mode. 



Tilting the iPad will return Spotify to landscape, but it appears to fail to detect the current iPad settings on launch/restore.


Additional information:

Seems to have been introduced in v1.1.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your iOS version.
  2. Your Spotify version.




2014-07-30 - Fixed in iOS v1.5.0


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Status: Fixed
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Please fix!

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I've been having this problem, and find it to be an annoyance.

iOS 7.1.1, on an iPad Mini with Retina display
Spotify v1.2.0.3344

WOW ... still not fixed.


I got the general impression that you totally don't care what your CUSTOMERS demand. Yesterday I was using the spotify radio function for the music style trance. Not a single trance tune was played! So I went to the spotify forum and was surprised to see that people were already complaining about this 2 years ago!


In general I am very pleased with your work and the design of the new desktop app is great as well. But the fact that you cannot fix a simple bug within a couple of months, or improve a totally unusable key function within years, will make me cancel my long term premium subscription as soon as there is an equal competitor.

Yep, even a update yesterday without a fix..
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This is not good enough. It is well over 2 months since the first post on this problem and Spotify has done absolutely nothing about it. I suggest that all those people with Facebook and Twitter accounts make regular posts relating to this and referencing the address for this forum post until it is sorted. Spotify cares? I don't think so!

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@spotifycares is the best place to get the message across on Twitter. Maybe if enough of us keep pressing this they'll finally do something.

iPad Air iOS 8 Beta 2 Orientation bug still an issue.
Finally got response back from Spotify, apparently it's out of their hands....
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That makes no sense at all. If that were true than we would be having the same problem with all our other apps but we're not. How is it for instance that Napster performs perfectly and rotates perfectly while Spotify does not? Come on let's have an honest answer and none of this blaming Apple for your own bad programming. 

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That response from Keiron W is bullcrap. Spotify' app used to respect screen rotation correctly, and other apps continue to, Spotify was the only one that broke. I'm guessing Keiron doesn't actually know that much about the development side of the app, or didn't understand what the issue is, because I got a different response.

I mentioned @spotifycares in a tweet and got this response:

@SpotifyCares: @TBIRallySport Hey! We haven't forgotten about this issue but we don't have an ETA on a fix I'm afraid, sorry! /A