[iPad] Screen Rotation Behavior Broken

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Spotify's rotation detection appears to be broken in Spotify for iOS 1.1.x on iPad. Opening/Closing the app or locking/unlocking the screen (with Spotify in the foreground) will cause Spotify to change to portrait mode, even if the iPad is in landscape. 


To reproduce:

  • Place iPad into landscape mode.
  • Lay iPad flat on a table.
  • Open Spotify, it will launch in portrait mode. Pressing home shows the iPad is still in landscape mode. 



Tilting the iPad will return Spotify to landscape, but it appears to fail to detect the current iPad settings on launch/restore.


Additional information:

Seems to have been introduced in v1.1.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your iOS version.
  2. Your Spotify version.




2014-07-30 - Fixed in iOS v1.5.0


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Status: Fixed
That's also what I replied back, that it doesn't make any sense what so ever. And I made it really clear they better fix this ASAP. Really want a solution soon, because I sincerely love this app and use it about 5 hours per day.
I have the same problem:
Spotify version:
iOS version: 7.1.2

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iOs: 7.1.2

Level of irritation: 6 out of 10.
This is an irritating bug, but honestly, there are worse things than this bothering me with Spotify.

After updating to the latest Spotify the bug got even worse. Try turning off/on your iPad with being in portrait mode. It rotates the screen by 180 degree.

Yep, it's horrible!
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Same problem here - get it sorted Spotify. All other apps behave perfectly in this regard.

I noticed this behavior as well. It happens when I look at it in the recently opened apps thing in iOS (the previews).

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Another annoyed PREMIUM customer, recently installed on an iPad 2 (after using the old version on an iPad1 for ages) assumed something strange had gone on with my device but I see this has been a known problem for some time.


Am not a massive fan of the current version compared to the iPad 1 version (neither for nor against, no massive 'must haves') so quite happy to go back to the old one just to sort this, if anyone knows how you can get it on iOS 7 anyway.


Honestly?  I thought Spotify was a serious company and they don't sort out simple (but very annoying) issues after some time?  What is it that Spotify does with orientation that no other app I have ever used does?  I don't get it.   I'm supprised something so annoying but basic even made it through beta.


Spotify, sort it out please.  Less money on flashy websites, more money on the application people are PAYING YOU MONEY FOR

EDIT: I'm an idiot and thought someone's 'registered since' date was the OP posting date

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Another annoying thing I have discovered about this, if you get a "Mobile Network Disabled" pop up for Spotify, you have to clear it before the screen will rotate again.
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Just realised that on the newest Spotify 1.5.0 update, it seems to have fixed it for many of you guys..

Just checking again, Correct?