[iPad] Screen Rotation Behavior Broken

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Status: Fixed


Spotify's rotation detection appears to be broken in Spotify for iOS 1.1.x on iPad. Opening/Closing the app or locking/unlocking the screen (with Spotify in the foreground) will cause Spotify to change to portrait mode, even if the iPad is in landscape. 


To reproduce:

  • Place iPad into landscape mode.
  • Lay iPad flat on a table.
  • Open Spotify, it will launch in portrait mode. Pressing home shows the iPad is still in landscape mode. 



Tilting the iPad will return Spotify to landscape, but it appears to fail to detect the current iPad settings on launch/restore.


Additional information:

Seems to have been introduced in v1.1.


If you are having this issue, can you please post:

  1. Your iOS version.
  2. Your Spotify version.




2014-07-30 - Fixed in iOS v1.5.0


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Status: Fixed
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It would seem that you are correct. At least for me, this is now solved by the latest update.

Thank you for this!
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Well, well, well! They've finally got around to fixing it. Now that wasn't so hard guys was it? Shame it took so long.

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Well done Spotify, there is someone looking at problems for existing customers it's good to know.


Thanks for your help, have a glod star. *

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Can confirm this is fixed! 🙂
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Status changed to: Fixed