[iPhone][Bluetooth] No Metadata transmitted to car radio

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Apple iPhone 6 64GB


Operating System Version:

iOS 9.2


Spotify Version:




When i connect my iPhone to my cars Pioneer AVH 2400BT via Bluetooth i can't see any Metadata on the display of my radio and furthermore i am not able to switch the tracks using the radio buttons.


To reproduce:

  1. Try the same hardware... I don't know


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Hey @schmiddi179


That doesn't sound good. Could you try a quick reinstall to see if that helps? You could also try a soft reset by holding the home + power button for a few seconds.


Let me know how you get on.


 I have a 2014 BMW with a Harmon Kardon sound system. I have a iPhone 5S running IOS9.2.1 connected to the radio via bluetooth and occasionally via an apple lightning cable. The radio displays the metadata from the first song that is played when it first connects but does not update the metadata as new songs are played. I have deleted and re-installed the Spotify app and did a soft re-set on my phone but it did not fix the isssue. I have used the Apple music app and the Rdio app and both of those apps work correctly, The metadata for each song is displays on those apps but not on the Spotify app. 


@ajuarez76 Have you checked for update on BMW website? There was a update last October that fixed this exact issue you are experiencing.

Status changed to: Closed



I experience the same problem with my Lexus IS300h.

I connnect Spotify from my iPhone 7 os 10.3.3 via bluetooth and only the name of the first song and the artist is showed. When the second song start (at the end of the first), the time is reset (ie., it start at 00:00) but, the names of the artist and of the track stay the same.

I try a reset and a new paired of the BT, it does not resolve this issue.

When I listen to music with the apple music application, I do not have this problem.


I think this issue need a up !


No Metadata transmitted to car radio (It works great but the name and the time on screen doesn´t appear). Just the name of my phone on screen. 

Iphone SE 2020 IOS14 on Pioneer DEH-M2107ZC. 

Same issue with an Iphone XR and a Samsung S5 NEO.

Note: with a Motorola G3 no problem at all.

Crazy....please any help?