iPhone gets really really hot when playing Spotify

The last week or so my iPhone 7 gets really, really hot when I listen to Spotify on it, but not while doing anything else. It also totally drains the battery. Anyone else have the same problem? This happens most of the time, but not always, but the phone cools down as soon as I quit spotify on it. Have also tried restarting the phone, but hade the same issue afterwards.. =(

Hey all,


Thanks for the reports. This should be fixed by updating Spotify to the newest available version (8.4.1). Make sure you update to that latest version.


If this is still happening for you, we'd recommend a reinstall of the app.


We'd also recommend closing any other running apps from the menu on your iPhone. Just double tap the Home button, and swipe up on any other apps that you're not using.


We'll be right here if you have any other questions about this!


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Since the latest iOS app update ( I have noticed that my battery drains much more significantly than before. Prior to the update I would be able to have music playback going on my iPhone 7 Plus for the full work day and still have around 50% battery left. Now, even with all other apps closed, battery now sits around 17% and at times the device is quite warm. Has anyone else noticed this with the last update?

Yes I've had this problem too with the latest update, only 3 hours of use drained 77% of the battery. It's usually much lower than this when used in the background!


Mine too. Never did this until this week. My 6S is now getting red hot and draining the power when using Spotify. It's basically becomming unusable.


I am also having this problem. Came here to say this.


Having the same problem with Iphone 7...


I'm having the same problem with my iPhone 7.  All other apps were fully closed, Spoitfy was the only thing running and my battery drained 40% in a couple hours.


I'm experiencing this, too. Since updating I notice my iPhone 7+ gets warmer than usual and battery drain is significant with only Spotify app open and playing music in the background. Tried deleting the app, hard resetting my phone, and reinstalling but I'm still having this issue.

Just confirming the battery drain as well, phone goes real hot just by listening on Spotify in background (not using the phone otherwise) massive drain. Sad! Unusable!

Came to say and confirm the same problem. Huge battery drain. Even listening to offline music. I listened to one song (5min), it was offline, wi-fi was off and it drained 3% (1 song). Hope they release a fix soon. iPhone 5s here!


Hello, i'm experiencing heavy battery drain on the spotify app, which is a major problem. This hasn't accured before, and it should be a problem. Most of the battery life is lost in the background. I have looked at other post for help, but nobody seems to know.