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link of copied playlist has the wrong image

Status: Closed


I made a playlist i wanted to share with some friends on facebook. I sucessfully changed the image in spotify, but whenever i copy this link and post it in fb it shows a wrong image and a false description of the playlist.

The songs shown in the copied link had been on the playlist but are not on it anymore. Even if a friend copies the playlist's link and posts it the wrong image and description appears on fb...

how to solve this?

Hey @suesysorglos!


That's great to hear. If you ever need us again, don't hesitate to write us back


Have an awesome week 🙂 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @suesysorglos! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's not cool! Could you send over the link for your playlist? I might be able to do a refresh backstage! 🙂


Keep me posted!


Hey @Huib,


thanx for your reply. See the link below:


...ok funny enough, here it shows the right image, but the prob still exists on fb 😮


Hey @suesysorglos!


Got it! I refreshed the playlist and it should be showing the new image on Facebook now. Could you try to share your playlist once more? Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have a lovely day!


Hey @Huib


perfect... it is working now... thank you so much 🙂


Have a nice day too 🙂

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @suesysorglos!


That's great to hear. If you ever need us again, don't hesitate to write us back


Have an awesome week 🙂 


Hey there, I know this ticket is closed but I'm actually having the exact same problem. Could you refresh for me too, @Hubo ?? Thanks in advance!:


As with the original commenter, weird that it looks fine here but not when I share it, for example, on Facebook or in Messenger.




My Spotify playlist title does not show accurately when I try to share an Instagram. I updated it once, shared it about 10 minutes later and without problem It shows the new updated title however I saw that it ran on two lines by only one digit so I decided to go back and change the title again to fit onto one line. When I went back to change it again it has not worked. I need to release this playlist TODAY. It's for an event. I'm hoping someone can help.