plays the previous song than the one you click in a playlist

Status: Closed

Clicking on a song in a playlist on plays the song before the one I clicked in the desktop player.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to an playlist on, for example:
  2. Click on a song to play it

Expected outcome:
The clicked song plays

Actual outcome:
The song before the one clicked plays (eg. if I click song 17, song 16 gets played)

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @marksomnian, welcome to the Community!


Does the same thing happen if you play the song directly from the desktop app? Also, can you tell us what operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Hey @marksomnian,


While we wait for your reply, we'll update the status of your post to "need more info".


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @marksomnian,


Do you still need us to lend a hand? If so, can you fill out the above info?


We're here, and always happy to see what we can suggest.


Thanks and have a lovely day 🙂

Hey there @marksomnian!


We hope you're well.


How are you getting on, is this still happening?

If we haven't heard back in around 48 hours, we'll get this thread closed up.


If you do need us to lend a hand though, don't hesitate to give us a shout.

We're right here 🙂


Thanks, and happy Monday.


Hey @marksomnian,


It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime. 

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.
Status changed to: Closed