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 I am not able to play music in the web-player, whenever i play a song or playlist it will just randomly go to 5 other songs in quick succession, eventually it will start playing a totally different song for 10 sec and then it completely stops playing music. How do i resolve this?

Hey everyone,


Thanks for all your reports.


Please make sure that your browsers are on the latest available version. If you're unsure, you can look online on what's the current version of the browser you're using to double check.


Keep in mind that you may need to reach out to your IT department if this issue occurs in a work network for further instructions. Spotify requires unrestricted access to the internet in order for the Web Player to function as expected.


If the issue perists on a 64-bit version of your web browsers, feel free to start a new thread in our Help Boards and we'll be happy to troubleshoot this further. 



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Hello, I never had a problem with Spotify's WebPlayer but today it's started working in a very weird way: whenever I select a song it plays another and then it stops after 5-10 seconds and doesn't restart. I tried controlling it from my smartphone but, while it works on the phone, it doesn't on the computer, I can't manage to reproduce any song, everytime I try it crashes. Did anyone have the same problem? 

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Hey @Billie13! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

Have you tried to use a different browser, to see if this happens there too?

And try to clear your browser cache/cookies to see if that helps.


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^



Windows 10


Most up to date firefox and chrome web browsers.


I can't click any specific song to play in spotify. When I do it skips a couple times to a completely random song and once it plays it plays for only 9 seconds...


Why am I paying for premium if I can't listen to anything for the past week?


Spotify has the most useless customer service that makes you jump 20 hurdles before you can even post a question. Why do they need to cheap out and not have a customer service line or online ticket system? This is getting ridiculous. This issue will only be solved one day when it randomly starts working again and no spotify engineer seems to know whats going on. There are a million post like this and nothing changes.




Same here, latest Chrome i get this, I tried everything nothing works.

Enable player in your browser


Hi, I have tried what you propose what it does not work neither

Any other tips?

I have a colleague that already has the same problem

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Hey all!


That's a slightly odd suggestion, but make sure your system's clock is correct. 🙂


Let me know how it goes!


Same problem here, player starts playing the first song of a playlist for the first 9 seconds then it stops. Using windows 7, chrome web browser.


I've been having exactly the same problem for the last two days under Firefox ESR 52.5, and can confirm that clearing the browser cache/cookies does not fix it.


It was working fine before about two days ago.

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I have the same issue. It skips 2 soungs as if they are not available to load. They load the third song, and plays for 10 seconds and stops. Using Google Chrome too, and never had the issue before. Just started 2 days ago.


Something is clearly broken with the Web Player.

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I have the same problem. Has only been happening last 2, maybe 3 days. Skips 2 or 3 songs, plays for 10 seconds and then stops. I use Google Chrome. Been always working fine, just not now. So Spotify broke their Web Player, for sure.


And my computer time has not been changed.