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"Missing Playlist" when clicking on "Go to Song Radio"






OnePlus 5T

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

When clicking on "Go to Song Radio" on any song, I get the error "Missing Playlist. The playlist is no longer valid. Please try another one". I don't have a problem with my own playlists or albums. Just with the Song Radios.

This happens on the mobile app (Android) only. On Web and Desktop this problem doesn't occur.

I tried deleting cache/data. I tried reinstalling the app. There is no issue with the internet connection (everything else works as expected)


Please help, since the app becomes a bit useless for me without that feature.



Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




I have the same issue.. I have android. I've tried all above and the radio still does the same as above... 


Android 11 4.14.113-21324211


Spotify 8.6.20. 1063


Tried all methods above and still does what it says above. 


Having the same issue

Phone: Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g

OS: android 11

One uo 3.1

Spotify build:


Can't access radio playlists already existing

Can't create radio from new song

The featur works on my desktop and my husband's s20 ultra 5g.


Things tried:

  • Cleared cache from within app
  • Cleared cache from android app settings
  • Cleared data from android app serrings
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled
  • Forgot wifi connection/reestablished wifi connection 
  • Turned wifi off (mobile data only)
  • Rebooted phone 



Plan: Premium

Country: United States


Device: Samsung Galaxy S8+

Operating System: Android version 9


Mobile Application Version:


My Question or Issue

Not sure what's going on, but all of the playlist functionality stopped working on my Galaxy S8+ a few days ago. The "Artist Radio" playlists, as well as others, are still visible in the mobile app, but when I attempt to launch them, I receive the following error:


Missing Playlist
This playlist is no longer valid. Please try another one.


The same happens when I try to access playlists via the "..." and long-press menus, as well as when I attempt to launch "Song Radio" stations.


All of these playlists work properly on the PC application.


I have cleared the app cache, and have removed/reinstalled it, but neither action helped. The errors persist on both wi-fi and my mobile network.


Any guidance would be appreciated.


Clicking on any type of radio (song, album, playlist, artist) throws the error. Clean install does not resolve the issue. Works on windows 10 and iPhone 11.


Samsung Galaxy S8+

OS Version: Android 9

Spotify Version:


Seems to be a broken update for the android app.







Samsung Galaxy 6, 8 and  A51

Operating System

Android Oreo


My Question or Issue

The radio feature stopped working over night on all my android devices. It works on my pc but thats it. I have tried restarting all the devices, reinstalling the app, clean reinstalling the app according to the help pages at this community and nothing changes. I just got a new samsung galaxy A51 which I have not used so installed the app on this device aswell and still the same problem.

When I open my old radio playlists theres a text in bold saying "Playlist missing" and underneath it says "This playlist is no longer valid. Try another." 

The same happens when I create a new song radio playlist, I have tried it on many different songs, albums, artists.

All the radio suggestions at my home page also just gives this "error message".

It's now day 4 of this bizarre problem and its getting really annoying as I usually use this feature alot.







Huawei P30 pro

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

Hi there,


since yesterday the song radio function does not work. When I push the "go to song radio" button comes a error message.

Translate from German to English:

Missing playlist. 

This playlist is no longer available. 

Please try with another one.


Has anybody a solution to fix this problem?

The problem appears with every song I try. 


I tried:

  • logging out and back in to Spotify
  • restarting the device
  • restarting the router
  • reinstalling the app
  • check the device and the app for updates


in the same boat. Android 11, clear chache, uninstall, clear all files. I even uninstalled the desktop and reinstalled on both phone and windows 10. 

I go to search>radio> it populates with artists' and songs' radio> click> "Missing Playlist. The playlist is no longer valid. Please try another one"

I can start the radio from Windows 10 and "connect to device" my Android 11 and the radio will play. Just unable to start ANY radio from app...


Samsung S10

Android 11










Motorola GFast

Operating System

Android 10


The artist radio and recommended radio functions stopped working overnight. I used it yesterday on a road trip with no issues.

Now when I go to the function it says "Missing Playlist - this playlist is no longer available. Please try another one."

I use this function multiple times a day. Has anyone had this issue?



Same problem.

Motorola One Vision

Android 10