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"Sorry, the music stopped since your spotify account is being used on another device" - Chromecast

"Sorry, the music stopped since your spotify account is being used on another device"


Every time I connect to my chromecast audio I get this verbal error - (at max volume!) - coming through my stereo. I'm not using my spotify account on another device, except for the android phone I'm using to connect the spotify app to my chromecast audio in the first place.


While this error message is playing, the music will start almost immediately anyway, once it realises that it's not actually being used on another device and all I want to do is connect it to my stereo.


There's a blatant bug in here somewhere, the Spotify App isn't recognising something simple - that I'm using spotify on my phone, and I want to connect it my chromecast audio. Unfortunately the voice plays at the max volume (regardless of whether spotify volume is turned down) which is distracting and irritating.


Any fix for this on the horizon?

We're glad to see everything is working now, we'll pass your feedback to the right team.


We'll be closing this thread for now, but feel free to create a new one if you need further assistance.


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Given I am playing music on my chromecast on Spotify from my phone

When I wake my computer, which has spotify open

Then I hear a weird message on my chromecast on top of the music being played

    The message is something like "I'm sorry, music is already being played on another device, please..."

And the music from my phone continues to play through the chromecast


This is very odd, and makes my wife and I mock it every time we hear it because it's clearly a bug, and we have no idea why it's happening.



- Phones: Google Pixel, or Apple iPhone 7

- Computers: Mac OS X Sierra


I will try to write down the exact error message being spoken so that your developers can maybe better diagnose the root cause.

Status changed to: New issue report

Hey @coffeencoke, welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's odd. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your Chromecast device.


Also, would it be possible to play the music with a different account? If so, let us know if the same thing happens.


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: New issue report

Hey @coffeencoke 🙂


We're closing this thread as we didn’t receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


Have a great day!


Hi, can you please reopen my issue?


I have new information that should help diagnose the problem.


For posterity, the new information is the following:

1. I checked my firmware, which is completely up to date. I compared my chromecast's firmware version with the latest listed, they are the same.

2. I was able to write down the exact message that was spoken, given below, you should be able to search your services for this string to narrow down why this is happening.

3. The last time this happened to me was between 12:20 and 12:42 on March 5th, 2017 PST on my account. I was playing on my chromecast using my phone named "Pixel", when I opened my computer, which is named "c4b301d45adf", I heard the following apology message and the music continued to play on the chromecast through my phone as if nothing happened.


Sorry, the music stopped since your Spotify account is being used on another device
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @xyzer0, that's odd!


Please let us know the following:


  1. Phone and Chromecast model.

  2. Operating system from both, your phone and Chromecast.

  3. Spotify version.
  4. Before opening Spotify on your Chromecast, was the music on your phone still playing?

  5. When did this start happening exactly? Was it after an update?

  6. Have you tried reinstalling the app on your Chromecast? Does it help?


We'll see what we can suggest 🙂




Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - Android 6.01

Chromecast firmware version 1.22.78337

Spotify version

It happens whenever the music is already playing on the device before I cast.


Hey @coffeencoke


We'll give you a hand over here. 


Could you guys send us a video of what's happening?


We'll see what we can suggest.


the very same has happened to me several times:

"Sorry, the music stopped since your spotify account is being used on another device" on the stereo at MAX volume, then music starts at normal volume


Samsung Galaxy E5 (SM-E500M)

Android 4.4.4

Spotify version up to date, (Apr 6, 2017, 4 days ago)




Hey @ozielg, thanks for that info!


Guys, let's try doing the following to see if it helps with this issue. Let's go over here and click on the option "Sign Out Everywhere". After that, change your password by heading to this page. Then, log back into your accounts and try using your Chromecasts again. 


Let us know if you're still getting the error message after this.