"Spotify not installed" error - cannot listen on Chromecast








Nokia 7.1


Operating System

Android Oreo

Spotify app version

Chromecast 2nd gen (puck) firmware version 1.49.226077


My Question or Issue

When trying to listen on my TV via Chromecast, under "Select a device", I can see the "TV" but it says "Spotify not installed" and I cannot select it.

This was working on the previous Spotify app version and I can cast other apps like YouTube just fine.


My partner's Android phone has Spotify app version (a previous version) and does not have this issue


Hey folks,


Thanks for your updates and for your patience while we looked into this issue. We can now confirm that this should be fixed for everyone!


Make sure your app is updated to the latest version. If you're still having trouble, please start a new topic in the relevant help board here.



Exactly the same problem here - those who updated spotify app can no longer cast to TV but one using older version of app still can.
Gig Goer

I have the same problem. I've tried everything, uninstall spotify, update spotify, restart wifi, restart chromecast and it's still the same.
If someone manages to solve it please share it, thanks!

I went into the google home app and linked music to spotify. Just received message box on spotify saying it has 'found' chrome cast. Now able to cast to TV. Not sure if that was the fix but worth a try....
Just linked Spotify and nothing changed 😞
It took a while... I got message on spotify about 45 minutes after I linked - but maybe it was a coincidence rather than a fix?!
Exact same issue. I updated, have the issue. My wife hasn't, she doesn't.
Have replied twice with error. Checking this works
Same issue here. Went to Google Home and added created 'new speaker group' (have to click on the + on top left to access page). Works now!
Thanks, this fixed it for me.
Casual Listener

Work-arounds regarding Google Home might work but we shouldn't have to do this.


Having only one Chromecast, I do not have any "speaker groups" nor should I have to add them to get this to work again.


Spotify have broken the casting feature and should revert whatever made this change

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