"Your addresses didn't match" - issues with users accepting invites to Duo/Family plans

Status: Fixed

Hi I need help 


my boyfriend got duo premium and I can’t join it 

we have the exact same address on Spotify I’ve checked 10 times, we have the same country of payment and when I put the address the message says that we are not at the same address... I’m getting really mad at this stuff 

please help 😞

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here. We can then take a closer look into things for you.


For more info about what the different Ongoing Issues statuses mean, check this Spotify Answer.





I'm having the same issue and have tried all the options that you have suggested and it still says "there was a problem, please try again"


What I would like to know is what exactly is that problem, and why on earth am I paying for a service that doesn't work!? 


Come on guys, this has to be one of the worse **bleep**-ups I've seen on a service. 


i have got the same problem ! i am having trouble getting access to my pervious family permium subscription ,everytime i enter the address it just shows "try again " , i enter the same exact address and also i have check my country too its the same , even thought i have tried every methods ( use in incognite mode , send a new invite thousands of times ) but this problem is still there !!!! need help seriously 


Got the same problem. I see that this has been an issue for months. Are you working on it at all? I'm starting to question your motives for not fixing this...


Pude solucionar mi problema, copiando y pegando textualmente la dirección en la barra de anotación, no aceptar las opciones de maps. Les sugiero intentarlo así.


Having this issue as well. Same address, same country, the whole shabang. Doesn't seem to work. Keep getting "There was a problem"... Tried all of the recomended steps (incognito, logout, new network, etc.). When will this issue be fixed? @Billy-J  


So, @valentinass posted the solution, albeit in Spanish, therefore, it might be getting lost to most users: when prompted, copy the address text from the master account and then paste it on the text box of the account to be linked, just don't go for the default option to automatically find the address, as it is faulty


That'll fix it and you'll save a lot of time and frustration.


Devs, please take note of this bug.


Thanks, @valentinass!


Same Problem here. Joined Premium Duo. Both accounts where/are Spotify free before. Same Country settings.

What we tried so far:

- accept invitation from another machine

- accept invitation from another mobile phone

- disconnected Spotify on every device

- accept invitation from incognito mode

- changed address

- Change email Address on the invited account (registered by Spotify)

- Changed and Saved user-settings under the invited account

- accept invitation via vpn

- copied the invitation Link as text


Spotify, please get this fixed - this is unacceptable. It seems this error is since you started the Premium Duo service in early 2020. 



Your adivce does not work. I tried to change the country to the country I am currently living together with my wife and spotify says: "Votre mode de paiement et le pays ne correspondent pas." ("Your payment method and country do not match."). 

What can I do? 


HI Andi007,

here is how I got "it fixed".

I contacted and explained the issue again via a tweet. They gave me instant feedback that they are trying to fix it, but couldn´t tell me when. So after 3days they did reset my password (without telling me) but that still couldn´t fix it. So I wrote them that I am about to cancel my account and switching to another service. I was (and I am still) testing/Comparing Amazon Music which also has some nice features.  So I dint cancel my Spotify account, since it was anyway runnning for the whole month anyway...

About a week later or so, suddenly both accounts worked. I did not get any message or notification from Spotify. I found it out by accident.

Good Luck!


Hey there folks, thanks for bearing with us!


Rest assured that our tech teams are still looking into this.


@Andi007 - we'd recommend taking a look at this support site article which explains how to update the country registered in your account. Once you've updated the country successfully, give the suggested steps in the Status Update another try to see if that does the trick for you. Keep us posted 🙂


@illd - glad to hear that this was resolved for you!