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"desktop_login_accounts:3" error message when trying to log in

Hey folks,


Users are seeing the above error message when they try to log in on the desktop app. There's no issue on the web player and mobile.


For some this was resolved by changing the default browser in the system settings.

Hey folks!


This issue should now be resolved 🙂

If you're still experiencing it, restart Chrome and then download the latest app version of Spotify from


Let us know in case you face any difficulties. Cheers!


Hello, this has happened to me this past week. How I fixed it, changed my default browser from Chrome (I was using the beta version but don't know if the stable version is affected too) to Edge and the app now logs in. I had tried changing the password and so on but it wouldn't work. It was an issue with the browser. After that you can chang it back to Chrome Beta or your favourite browser

Screenshot 2024-03-16 074525.png

The website displays a message stating, "Something went wrong, try reloading the page," while the desktop app presents an error code: "desktop_login_account : 3" upon attempting to log in. Strangely, my Spotify account functions normally on the mobile app but remains inaccessible on both the desktop app and official website.


Screenshot 2024-03-16 194221.pngScreenshot 2024-03-16 194244.png


In my case, I changed the default browser from Chrome to Safari, then I could sign in. (I'm using macOS)


It is indeed a Chrome issue. Since I had changed the password I had to relogin in my Macbook. However, the same error was popping up! I copied the URL to Safari and logged in from there. Worked like a champ. If this is happening on your Windows or MacOS (and I would suspect also Linux), give a try to using another browser by coping the URL or changing the defaults


Nothing helps, even changing to any other browsers

no puedo iniciar sesión en la aplicación de escritorio, luego de haber reinstalado la aplicación dos veces sigue sin funcionar, la contraseña y correo son correctos
funciona en reproductor web y app movil

I try to log into my account through the browser, but the application tells me that the service is currently unavailable.
Я пытаюсь войти в свою учетную запись через браузер, но приложение сообщает мне, что сервис в данный момент недоступен.


Hi there.

Please give a try on Chrome, in the picture you are on Firefox. Then try change the password loggin into your account and reppeting the process, also, try cleaning all cookings and desabling and ad block or other extention in Chrome.


Hi Everyone, for me, what finally helped, was copying the Hyperlink (Login Token) from Edge (which opened for me when I said login with browser) into chrome (then I had to login again...) and afterwards, chrome was able to commuicate the token towards the windows spotify application.