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"desktop_login_accounts:3" error message when trying to log in

Hey folks,


Users are seeing the above error message when they try to log in on the desktop app. There's no issue on the web player and mobile.


For some this was resolved by changing the default browser in the system settings.

Hey folks!


This issue should now be resolved 🙂

If you're still experiencing it, restart Chrome and then download the latest app version of Spotify from


Let us know in case you face any difficulties. Cheers!


this worked for me


Had same login problems as OP in my Windows 11. Solution -> change default browser to Edge, Microsoft really doesn't like that you are trying using something another instead of Edge.


thank you sir this worked

Uygulamaya şifrem ve e postam ile giriyorum fakat tarayıcıya yönlendirip uygulamada oturum açmamı engelliyor.

My password and e-mail message is sent to the application, but it is redirected to the browser and prevented from logging in. what should I do? Screenshot_1.png


i cant login either, it gives me the exact same login error  pls help


It worked !!

Quiero iniciar sesión en la app de escritorio y me envía a iniciar sesión al navegador, y cuando vuelve a la aplicación me tira este error: "El servicio no está disponible por el momento. Inténtalo de nuevo más tarde. (código de error: desktop_login_accounts:3)"

Thanks for the info @Ilya__Invisibly and we're happy to hear that you managed to log in 🙂


When it comes to Google Chrome, you can try clearing the cache and cookies to see if it'd make any difference in case you try to log in via this browser again in the future. You can check the info here. And if you need to toggle the country settings you can take a look at this article.


It's also worth mentioning that if you're using a VPN, this can cause some issues with Spotify so in this case we don't recommend it. 


Should you need help with anything else, the Community's here for you!


Se solucionó para mi siguiendo lo que dicen otros usuarios: copiando el link que crea la app de Spotify en el navegador para verificar la cuenta y copiándolo en otro que no sea el predeterminado (en mi caso se abria el Chrome con un enlace y en vez de darle a continuar copie ese enlace al Edge y verificó la cuenta sin problemas).