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"publish my activity" automatically turns off

My friends can't see what I'm lisening to, and I keep turning on my "publish my activity on spotify' button in settings, but they still can't see and everytime I close the app it resets and says I have it turned off. Is there any way to keep it on? 

Hey folks,


The team have been looking into things here.

The issue where "publish my activity" automatically turns off should be fixed.
If you're still having trouble, make sure you're running the latest version of the app.

We're closing this one up now, but we've noticed a few comments regarding the Friend Feed not updating.
Rest assured this is being looked at here.

Thanks again,


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @bitstream1! Thanks for letting me know about this!


That's odd. Could you try logging out and logging back into the app for me? Also, what device are you experiencing this issue on? Is this also happening on other devices? Let me know! 🙂


Have an awesome day!


I also have the same issue. I tried logging out and back in and even reinstalled the app. This is occuring on my Windows 10 laptop. I tried logging in on a macbook but the issue was still persistent.


Thank you for your help.


Hey @_dBoi, thanks for letting me know!


That's definitely odd. Let's get to the bottom of this. Could you try to do the same thing with another account? Does the same thing happen? Also, it might be worth trying this using another network connection. Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have an awesome day!


Hi @Hubo . From what I know this is only happening to my account from my family and friends. However, since @bitstream1 has mentioned this issue as well it must be happening to others. I tried using another network connection but no luck.


This is happening to me too, I have to turn on the "Publish my activity" button everytime Spotify starts up. I've tried logging out and back in but it's still the same. Please help 🙂


Thanks for the info, guys!


It would be super helpful if you could give it a try from a different account. You can use a friend's account, just to test it out. Also, do you have any screenshots with error messages you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?


Try to reinstall the app with the steps we sent you before and let us know if that makes a difference. 


We'll be waiting for your answer. 


All my friend's accounts are working fine.

When I click "Publish my activity on Spotify" under settings it litterally unselects it whenever I close the app. There are no error messages it just doesn't save my changes in the settings. I have tried reinstalling the app 3 times it doesn't solve the issue.


Hey @_dBoi!


It's odd since we can't replicate it on our end.


Could you send us a screenshot of the Spotify version on your desktop?


Also, just to confirm, were you able to log in on your device using a friend's account to see if it behaves the same?


It'd also help if you can test this by using your Spotify account on a different desktop.


Keep us posted.


I have the same issue, publish my activity button keeps turning off in my desktop bowser.

I am using app for iphone but on the app it is allways turned on.

I have logged in and out of both app and desktop, but the button keeps turning odd in desktop version