we're not able to play this video in your current location

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Rock This Playlist stops playing and then for some unknown reason wants to play a video but instead i get this message "we're not able to play this video in your current location" and to be honest i want my music playlist to be continuous with no commercials or videos Videos should be a completely seperate playlist for just videos

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Hey @lomtftl!


Thanks for the info. You could use Spotify through a VPN, but we cannot guarantee that all content it's going to work, as we don't quite support this type of connection. Connecting through a VPN will mask your IP, showing that you're accessing through a different country. If the content you're trying to watch is not available in that country, you'll get the "Content not available in your location" message. This comes down to legal agreements regarding location with the right holders.


Due to the above we'll be moving this post to the "Not an issue" section. If you need help with something else, feel free to create a new post.




This is an issue for me too. I don't care about the playlist videos, but I care when I'm listening to a playlist and then a video cannot play in the background, meaning the whole playlist stops and I have to manually skip to the next track. What's the solution?


If you have  VPN on you must disconnect from VPN so they know exactly your location That is what solved it for me


I understand that you cannot guarantee availability of content when using VPN. But PLEASE, just auto-skip the content. It is super annoying. I want to have the option to use VPN when I want and not have to come to the device to figure out why it’s not playing anymore.