webplayer Search bar not appearing, as well as all context menus when you clink "..."

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Since early this morning, when i opened the webplayer, the search doesn't work, it won't even show the box where we can type what we want to search for.

also, if i try to click on "..." in front of a song or album, nothing happens.

Message inbox icon is also gone.


Don't know why or what happened, but it seems to be working now.


Hey @Infernalord,


The issue has been reported here. You should post there if you want to be in the loop of further developments. Hopefully it'll get resolved quickly.


Hey @Infernalord, thanks for your patience!


This seems to be fixed now from our end. Could you please let us know if you're still experiencing the same issue? 


We'll keep an eye over here.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @Infernalord, we hope everything's working from your end.


If we've not heard back from you in around 24 hours, we'll be getting this thread closed up.
Don't worry though. If you do need us, just give us a shout 🙂

Hey @Infernalord,


It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime. 

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.
Status changed to: Closed

Env: prod