Accidently deleted playlist content


Accidently deleted playlist content

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Today I was listening to my spotify playlist when I accidentally removed all the content from my playlist. 
My playlist is still available with a couple songs from my old playlist. My playlist was over 1000 tracks and i'm very dissapointed about the lost.


Also I'm able to look at my old playlist through an earlier spotify link, but when I open spotify from there it lead to the new (smaller) playlist.



Is there any way I am able to restore it somehow?



Playlist name: "VAKANTIE 2015" (shared playlist)



Thank you!

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Hey there.


Thanks for your input.


I think it's possible only to recover playlist itself by itself, but if you removed all the songs, all is gone 😞


You need to start from scratch. But I have some news. Customer service will be able to restore your list, so provide the details and wait for action:


Have a nice day!


Jyrziu :d