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[All Platforms][Other] Repetitive, irrelevant, and annoying ads!


[All Platforms][Other] Repetitive, irrelevant, and annoying ads!


The chirpy female you've employed to make the repetitive "Thanks for using Spotify" ads that play every 10 minutes is extremely annoying. I DO NOT need to be told "Thanks for using Spotify" every 10 minutes along with inane commentary that I "could've listened to a CD or 8-track, IF I knew what that was!!" Who thinks up these ridiculous ads?! They are NOT funny and do not "thank" the customer at all. Your entire advertising team should be fired and replaced because they are NOT the funny little geniuses they apparently think they are. Moreover, why don't you customize your ads to the playlist of the user? If a customer only listens to classical and jazz music, obviously they do NOT want to hear ads for disrespectful "hip hop" / rattlesnake music or whatever teens with behavioral issues listen to these days. When I hear these annoying ads, I either put it on mute, or just shut off your app and switch to iHeartRadio. At least they don't play ads that are completely out-of-sync with the listening preferences of their users (or ads from annoyingly chirpy females who think they know it all). There is no option in your privacy settings to allow/disallow use of play history to customize ads. The only option is to allow/disallow use of third-party data to customize ads. Your FAQs only states that "opting out prevents Spotify from tailoring your ad experience based on third party data." I'm getting to the point where soon I'm just going to DELETE your app entirely and switch to iHeartRadio.

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Re: [All Platforms][Other] Repetitive, irrelevant, and annoying ads!




Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the ads!


One way to improve ads to be more relevant to you is to enable the option Process my personal data for tailored ads on this page :)


Have a nice day!

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Re: [All Platforms][Other] Repetitive, irrelevant, and annoying ads!

do it lol