[Amazon Echo] Alexa won't play any of my playlists


[Amazon Echo] Alexa won't play any of my playlists

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I have an Alexa Echo. It will play music from my premium spotify. I can play music from my phone or ipad. However when I ask it to play any spotify playlist in my library it never finds it. It can find a similar named playlist and offers to play that but never on in my library. I have a playlist called Birthday, I ask Alexa to play spotify playlist birthday. It will ignore my birthday playlist and play a random public playlist with birthday in the title. I have tried multiple ways to ask Alexa but nothing work. I can play the playlist if I slect it on my phone and send it to the Alexa speaker directly. i would really like to be able to choose my own playlists.  

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Spent hours on this one with no luck. I contacted the guys at Spotify and their Twitter help team are superb. They let me use their test account to try things but none worked. I went to Amazon, logged a concern as requested and not heard from them in 2 months. TBH I have given up on them...