App crashes when changing song using playlist


App crashes when changing song using playlist


Hi I have a couple of problems happening on my Nokia lumia 800.The OS is windows phone 7.5 os version 7.10.8779.8

I have an unlimited data plan.

I'll try to give as much information as possible.

I normally listen to spotify when I am on the bus travelling to work and back home. I'll open up spotify and choose a playlist, then select a song. At this point I will press the side button to switch off the screen and lock the phone. I will listen to the track or a number of tracks from the playlist. I will then press the side button again, slide up the screen and spotify will appear on the current song that is playing. Next I press the windows back button, which takes me back to the playlist and then I press the back button again to take me back to all of the playlists. At this point the app crashes and I end up at the Windows phone front screen. This happens 9 times out of 10. I have wifi unabled but as I an on the bus I am using 3g to stream the data (unless the track or playlist is set to offline)


The other issue I have is how slow spotify is at loading and the fact that sometimes it doesn't display which playlists are available and other times it doesn't list all the tracks.


I feel really let down by spotify,  Whenever I look in the Internet to resolve the problems, Spotify just suggest uninstall and reinstall. I think spotify need to understand that most people of the modern world already know to do that.


Can you help??

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Re: App crashes when changing song using playlist

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Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 7 application has always been a bit of a nightmare when it comes to bugs, as outlined in a very detailed post here. The only real troubleshooting advice is to reinstall the app when things go wrong, which is a massive pain I know!


Since the release of Spotify for Windows Phone 8, Spotify for Windows Phone 7 is no longer being updated or actively supported but it remains available, as outlined in this announcement.




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