Apple Watch offline support


Apple Watch offline support


Been waiting patiently for a few years for this but after seeing not only the lack of response but complete disregard by Spotify for what customers want, have decided to cancel my Spotify subscription and move over to Apple Music.


keep this up Spotify and you will have no one to blame but you for losing customers. You can cry all you want about Apple in the courts but we all know the real reason you will keep losing customers - you just don’t care about them.

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Re: Apple Watch offline support


Me and a few other friends who bought an Apple Watch are also cancelling our Spotify subscriptions and switching to Apple Music for the same reason.


Well done Spotify on not communicating at all on this. You have been receiving tons of comments over the past years from your customers and the only thing you did is a generic response on one of your forum "yeah we're putting this on our bucket list".

Other streaming services like Pandora could do it.

If there are some legal or technical issues you should at least let your customers know and maybe give a time frame at some point.