[BB] Spotify controller


[BB] Spotify controller


I downloaded the trial version of Tiggit Sonos controller for Blackberry. Works fine to adjust volume, play the queue and the radio. Tiggit has a screen to link to Music Services. Spotify is mentioned in the list. To activate, accountname and password are asked for. I use my Premium account settings that work well on PC, iPod Touch and iPad. Logon fails. Error message "Login failed, please try again".

Does this sound familiar? How do I handle it? 

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Do you normally log into Spotify using Facebook? 

If so, you need to create a device password and retrieve your Spotify username by following the links here. You then need to use that username (should be a string of numbers) and password to log into Spotify on that device. 

Spotify on Sonos also requires Spotify premium, which I assume you have since you mentioned other mobile devices 😉




PS. Thank you for using the correct tag in the topic title 🙂 

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