Better Navigation of Tracks in Ps4 App


Better Navigation of Tracks in Ps4 App

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At the moment the navigation system is a horizontal scoll which lists 5 track tiles on my 32" HD telly. Now the problem I am having is that my only playlist with all my music on it, currently stands at 4, 046 tracks.


Now the scroll animation is so slow that it took me just under 10 minutes to navigate from Artists A-M (57 different artists). I don't know why this wasn't picked up in testing but that is just rediculously too long to scroll roughly half way trough a playlist.





In short,

Make navigating tracks quicker,

Search bar when inside a playlist to search inside that playlist only,

Add a shuffle Play button.



I know that I can use the Spotify App on my phone to control the Ps4 app but I shouldn't have to, plus for users who don't have the mobile app they cannot quickly navigate to a song easily.


I think the best way to have the navigation within a playlist should be like the desktop playlist list. The problem seems to me that the app is spending too long loading the album artwork for the tracks, which currently take too much screen space.

There is also a lot of wasted space around these album art tiles so there havng the songs in a list would make better use of the screen estate too. I suggest having the list load first then load the album art afterwards to speed up the scroll speed and allow users to scroll through tracks while the artwork still loads.

While writting the entire thread I'm currently waiting for the Ps4 app to load the album art so i can carry on scrolling to an artist I'm wanting to test another feature on (if I'm able to play local files if you're wondering).


This is mainly my issue at the moment but another two ideas I would like to see with the Ps4 app is have the search function at the top of the page search within a playlist when in that playlist instead of searching for songs, artists and other playlists. I should have to do that on the main home page, where the discover section is. Also I would like a shuffle play inside a playlist like on the mobile app.








On waiting to get to that Artist as mentioned above, it seems that it has just stopped loading tracks after the 2201 track. Now this might be because the next tracks are local tracks that I wanted to test.

So maybe that when a large number of local tracks are next in the playlist that it has to load (in my case 129) the app stops loading all tracks, because it's not even loading the non-local tracks after those local tracks.

So at the moment on the Ps4 app I am unable to access the latter half of my playlist.


I was also able to see wether I was able to play local plays and the answer is no, even using the mobile app.


So another idea I would like to see. Implement local tracks.


Thank you.

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Re: Better Navigation of Tracks in Ps4 App

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Hey there!

Thanks alot for this awesome feedback - I know that the Spotify staff is eager to hear the first reactions to the app!

However, since your topic contains so many ideas / things to improve I've moved it over here in the help section so we can have a general feedback topic over here. The ideas exchange can only work with 1 feature request per topic. Otherwise it's quite impossible to manage the received kudos / status of the topic and give it proper updates.


So if you still want to add your ideas (and still have time), please add the things you want to see separately with a short description to why and if possible with a [Sony] in front of the title. For example:

  • [Sony] Add a Shuffle play button to the PS4 app
  • [Sony] Add the ability to play local tracks in the PS4 app

...etc. That would be awesome, thanks again! ;)

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Re: Better Navigation of Tracks in Ps4 App

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It started off as one idea...then I got a little carried away. Thank you and yes I will mention the ideas seperatly.