BlackBerry 10 runs Spotify just fine..but...


BlackBerry 10 runs Spotify just fine..but...

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Hi,<br><br>Now that us BlackBerry 10 users can run Android apps without sideloading, I've started to use the spotify android app and it works well apart from one annoying issue..everytime a new song plays it pops up in the notifications menu which causes a stuttering of the audio until you wake the phone up and clear the notification...clearly not ideal!! if Spotify made a native app for the BlackBerry 10 system it could be deactivated, but being as I'm using a android version there appears to be no way to stop this from happening. <br><br>Guess no-one from Spotify will look into this as they have made it pretty clear they have no intention of giving us BlackBerry users a proper BlackBerry version of the Spotify app. <br><br>Anyone else have this issue?
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Re: BlackBerry 10 runs Spotify just fine..but...

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The fact it works perfectly fine has always been my argument, how difficult would it be for them to repackage the app for BlackBerry.

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