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Hi there. New to this so excuse me if I do it wrong!<br><br>I use Spotify on my iPad and also my Blackberry Bold 9900. When I star a track on the Blackberry Spotify app it saves into my list. But when I load Spotiy on my iPad the music isn't there. If I save music on my iPad it shows up on Blackberry...?<br><br>If anyone can help it would be highly appreciated! 🙂
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Re: Blackberry

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Hi there and welcome to the Spotify Community.

Spotify recently changed a few things.
It now doesn't use the "star" option to star a track, but uses the "save" function to save a track.

What you experience is probably a saving a track on one device and starring a track on another. I think that one app is updated and the other one isn't.

Until the apps are fully updated I suggest you make a sort of playlist where you put all your tracks together.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask
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