Blanks when playing music on the Chromecast from the app


Blanks when playing music on the Chromecast from the app

Casual Listener







Xiaomi redmi node pro 8 t



Also tested on a Iphone 8 and a Google pixel


Operating System

Mobile: Android 10 (revision 10 QKQ1.200114.002, security patch : 2021-04-01) with the constructor overlay Miui Global 12.0.3 Stable


My Question or Issue

At random interval (from 2-3 minutes to +-1 hour), when playing music on the Chromecast from the Spotify app, the chromecast will stop outputting any audio for a little while (3-4 secs to 30-40 secs).

The progress bar will continue to advance on the app like there is not problem at all.

This issue is not present with any other Chromecast app (tested with Youtube and Twitch).

Sometime, going to the next song solves the issue, sometimes not.

Same for pausing / restarting the song.


The issue appears with any song  or playlist and 3 different mobiles have been tested with the same issue (Rednote, Pixel and Iphone).

No problem to signal when playing music locally.


(note: it blanked 7 time during the time I took to write this post)


Solving steps already tryed (and failed to solve the issue)

- reseting the chromecast

- restarting the tv (not a smart tv, no way to reset it)

- reseting the router

- restarting the Spotify app

- reinstalling the spotify app

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Casual Listener

Hi @CarlosE,

Thanks for the welcome.

Indeed I did the manipulations mentioned in the link (I've dev in past on Android, I'm not new to reseting an app 😉 ).

I's hard to pinpoint exactly when it started happening, I'd say it started happening (very) approximately around Feb/March.

It just too a bit of time for me to be fed up enough to report the problem.

I don't know when the Chromecast update itself as it's doing it on it's own (usually during the nigh).

I don't recall having done any particular major update when the problem started happening.

I've setup my mobile to self update all the apps so I cannot say if it was introduced by a specific Spotify version.




Hi there @Reirep,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


Just to confirm, did you follow these steps when reinstalling the app? Those are for a more thorough reinstall and can be helpful to remove any cached files that might be causing trouble.


If that didn't work, can you let us know when it started happening, and if it was after a specific event, such as an OS or app update, or if it's always been behaving like that?


Keep us posted.

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