Bluesound NODE2i And Spotify Connect issues


Bluesound NODE2i And Spotify Connect issues

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Premium Norway iPhone 5s iPad Air 2015 modelNone of the below information is required. However, the more you provide the easier it will be for us to try and help.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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Re: Bluesound NODE2i And Spotify Connect issues

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Hey @39Helix2, help's arrived. 


Can you tell us a bit what's happening? 


In the meantime, make sure your devices are on the same network, and restart your router. 


All the best!




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Re: Bluesound NODE2i And Spotify Connect issues

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Hey there. Thanks for your reply’s regarding my Spotify Connects problems. Well it seems to be under control now. Spotify deleted my account,and then activated it again. But is very sad to see that so many users have problems with Spotify... Now more disconnecting now,at least. I did have one issue though last day. The music suddenly disconnect from my hi fi speakers to my iPad speakers. That even happed on lan,or hardwired with a cat5e cable. That should not be possible. It can happen if I have my unit connected wirelessly as it has a wireless card build in the unit. And it can be a bit sensitive when on WiFi  if the router is downstairs and the unit upstairs. And the music could disconnect a couple of times,but that only happened 3-4 times from the first time I bought my unit in 2016. Now it’s harwired for a more stable singnal. But the problems I have had before had nothing do with with my unit,if I’m using lan or wlan. It was at Spotify’s end. And I happened 3 times a day!  But as I said I did happen once more again! I do hope it was a “mistake” of somekind. But I do encounter that if I force close my Spotify app window,the music disconnect it self after a while,it seems to be a time limit,8-12 hours. But I think this because of Spotify API protocol. It suddenly began to happen last year,not any problems before that. And this happens when I have an album on repeat. So I do hope you can answer if I force close the window the music disconnect as I said. And you do agree when the unit is hardwired the music should not disconnect? But of course there can always be some strange thing that happen with my network. But there’s nothing wrong with my network. Thanks. PS. Sorry for an not so organized reply. I do hope you understand my questions. Thanks again😁😁😀😀