Bluesound volume


Bluesound volume

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I can only control the volume on my bluesound system with the Spotify app screen open and in use. Then I can also use the side buttons on my Ipad/Iphone to control the volume. It is not possible to use the side buttons on my IPad/ Iphone to control the volume when the screen is turned off (Idle)? Will Spotify/Bluesound fix this problem in future upgrades of the apps?
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I don't think it can be fixed can it? I'm assuming you are using Spotify Connect to stream to your BlueSound devices? If so, then yes when you are in Spotify, the hardware buttons control Spotify. Once you leave the Spotify application, iOS uses the hardware buttons to control other volumes (such as ringer on a phone) since that device isn't actually playing anything itself. That isn't something that anyone other than Apple could change as far as I know.

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