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Bring back the ability to download all albums


Bring back the ability to download all albums





iPad, Pocophone F1, Windows, Linux

Operating System

iOS 12, Android 8, Windows 10, Ubuntu 19.04


My Question or Issue

I get that you guys decided to redo songs and change library and while it is annoying I understand that you guys wont change it however you broke core funcationality in the app in the process. 

I can no longer download my entire library of songs automatically. Being able to go into songs and just hit the donwload toggle in order to get all my songs downloaded onto my device was perfect. Across my computers, iPad and phone whenever I saved an album or a song it would automatically download on all of my devices making it available on whatever I am listening on without me putting in any effort. 

Now because you guys seperated out liked songs from albums I cannot do that anymore, it has now become simply too teadious to keep my albums downloaded on all my devices meaning I might as well go back to pirating music. (Piracy is a distribution and functionality issue not a money issue) 

So it would be great if you could please just add a toggle to the albums page that when clicked will download all my albums onto that devices so that this functionality is brought back. I will code it in myself if you guys send me the repositories.


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Re: Bring back the ability to download all albums


I actually agree with this suggestion there is so many albums i'd love to download all at once rather than song by song.

Re: Bring back the ability to download all albums

Casual Listener

Why was this even removed...? I swear it seems like some of these platforms make stupid nonsensical decisions just to mess with us...