Can't log in - Nokia Windows Phone


Can't log in - Nokia Windows Phone


Ok so I've got a Nokia Windows phone and downloaded the Spotify app. When I tried to log in (I have today purchased Premium) I got an error message saying I cannot be logged in as I do not have a Premium account? Which I do!


I've left it a few hours in case the system needed to update but no luck.

Anyone else had this?

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However as mentioned it can take a couple of hours to replicate through the servers. Especially if purchased on one platform, then being accessed from another.


Can you try checking your Account page?
Also, make sure you're using the right account details as it's easy to mix up Spotify Accounts and Facebook accounts

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Re: Can't log in - Nokia Windows Phone


Spotify should update the WP app as soon as possible. RockYourSocksxX
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