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Can't remotely log out of WebOS/Spotify Connect


Can't remotely log out of WebOS/Spotify Connect

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Hi all!


I am having some troubles with my Spotify account. I had an LG TV with WebOS/capable of Spotify Connect which I used regularly. I have moved out of the house and left that TV behind, however my account is still being used regularly on this TV.


I have changed my password 4 times, I have gone and 'remotely logged out of all devices' from the Spotify website twice, I have checked app permissions, and I have checked offline devices. I have also contacted Spotify support twice now, and had them secure my account, however the account is still being used regularly.


This is becoming quite frustrating. I will be listening to music and get 'kicked off' the stream and I will see that the song has changed and is playing on the LG WebOS.


I realise I could reach out to the person with the TV and ask them to log out, however it's a conversation I'd rather avoid. Also, from research I've done, it looks like people have a lot of trouble logging out of Spotify on the TV without completely deleting the app/resetting the TV.


Short of completely deleting my account and starting a new one from scratch, what can I do here?