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Cannot control Chromecast volume from Android phone


Cannot control Chromecast volume from Android phone

Casual Listener

I've had this problem for a long time, for as long as I've had my Chromecast, if memory doesn't fail me.


I open Spotify on my Moto G4, connect to my Chromecast (2nd gen), start playing something, and it's OK, I can control the volume. I know for sure because volume is always at 100% after connecting, in a possibly related and equally annoying issue. Volume control works fine for a while, with app in background or foreground.


After a while, I can't control the volume anymore. Cast icon disappears from the list of audio devices. Even with app in the foreground. If I close the app and open again, it often restores the control. But then goes away.


I think I usually can still control the song playing, but not the volume.


I'm making a new-year resolution of finally moving away from Spotify if I don't see this fixed soon. Gotta be with someone who really loves me, I'm too old for this.

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Re: Cannot control Chromecast volume from Android phone

Casual Listener

The loss of volume control is REALLY irritating, Spotify!  Usually have to kill Spotify app the re-launch to re-gain volume control in Spotify app, or have to go to Google Home app to control volume or stop casting because Spotify took a big smelly dump.

This ONLY HAPPENS WITH SPOTIFY APP!!!!  Any other app I have ever used to Cast works perfectly fine all the time.  >:(

(btw, I just factory reset my HTC10 a few days ago and re-installed everything from scratch just to make sure it was not my phone, and the same darn thing still happens)