Cannot log into spotify on my ps4


Cannot log into spotify on my ps4


So I recently deleted my old Spotify account that was connected to my ps4 because I decided to make a new one. I logged out of my old Spotify acc on all of my devices including my ps4. Upon trying to log into my new Spotify acc using the “connect to your PS4 account” on my phone, it would play the album I selected and go through my ps4 but still wouldn’t considered me logged in. I got off for a few hours not worrying about it because I was pretty busy and came back later on in the day. I was hoping to try and fix the issue and try to get it fully logged in and not just to play an album. Unfortunately, another issue came up. When I tried to start up the Spotify app on my ps4 I received a “Error connecting to Playstation Network. 

Please try again later.” I have looked at other threads and the solutions are usually for people who are already logged into their Spotify accounts and are receiving this issue but I am already logged out so I cannot use those solutions. I have also tried to delete and re download the application and received the same error. If anyone could help me it’d be greatly appreciated! 

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Re: Cannot log into spotify on my ps4

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Hey @Sorryimliz! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this or was this a temporary issue?

If yes, could you check if there is an update available that might fix this issue?