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ChromeCast Audio connects only on some songs.


ChromeCast Audio connects only on some songs.








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I have a ChromeCast Audio and it was always fussy in connectiong to Spotify, but recentlly it got stranger. Spotify sees ChromeCast in device list and tries to connect, plays the established connection sound trough speakers but does not succsed. That happens only on some(but rather plenty) songs. When I finally connect to ChromeCast with a song that works if I switch to the song that doesen't the connection drops and Spotify Lady says that my account is used on another device.


To summerise. Chromecast plays only slected songs and on some drops or cannot establish connection.


This is annoying as this is my main method of listening to music.


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Re: ChromeCast Audio connects only on some songs.


Same problem for me. Other apps (radio, podcaster) cast to Chromecast without problems. From Spotify I get the "connect sound", but a growing number of songs won't play.

Re: ChromeCast Audio connects only on some songs.


Hey @DrTomczorek,


Thanks for getting in touch.


Do you think it's possible that another user is using your account? Perhaps you forgot to log out on a friend or family members device. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend doing the following:


Change your Spotify password and (if applicable: your Facebook password). Then, log out everywhere on your Spotify account page and your (if applicable Facebook profile).


You should now be logged out everywhere. Hope that helps!


Let us know how it goes.

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