[Chromecast][Music] Chromecast is very buggy


[Chromecast][Music] Chromecast is very buggy


Chromecast has an overall buggy experience. The worst one is that playback randomly pauses while casting. 

These "fixed" (not actually fixed) issues are related:

Overall the Chromecast experience seems like an after-thought. I am tempted to switch to Google Music but I would much rather support Spotify.


Please give Chromecast the support it needs. We just want to play our music without it stopping randomly. Netflix doesn't do this, YouTube doesn't do this, this problem is unique to the Spotify app.


Agents have been unhelpful in linking me to Chromecast support: I do not have a problem connecting so that suggestion is not helpful.


Uninstalling the app and resetting my Wifi doesn't help.


Please forward to your engineering team. 


Thank you

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I have the same problem with the Chromecast Audio pausing every hour or so.  Obviously, I update and reset all software and systems. Then I have tried an ethernet hook up directly from the router and set the priority of that connection. But no improvement. According to these posts, this problem has been around for a while. Is Spotify working on this?

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Spotify Legend

Hey @tiiina and @PhilH2,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating it. Feel free to contribute in this topic where we gather information from affected users and keep everybody up-to-date. We'll get this sorted as soon as possible.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!