Complete Playlists greyed out


Complete Playlists greyed out

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For some reason, complete playlists, 300+ in each are greyed out when I try to cast them through my chromecast device (found) on my phone, and when I play (cast) through my laptop using the spotify web player. On my phone app, when I choose that particular problematic playlist, ie: 60's, the "device found" (chromecast) dissappears as well, can only play it on my phone. Everything plays fine through bluetooth btw. All my other playlists of 300+ play fine through the app or web player. It's just a couple of playlists, but my favorites. Thanks for help! (Yes have premium)

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Re: Complete Playlists greyed out

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Hey @funkywtboy


It looks like you are trying to play local files on other devices. You can see they are local files because of the circle with the down arrow (to the right of the song)


These music files were imported into Spotify are on the device only and cannot be played on the other devices unless you sync the local files following this support article: