Connect to Speaker before playback


Connect to Speaker before playback

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iPhone X, iPad Pro

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iOS 12.1


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 I use Spotify Connect with a Sonos Speaker. I want to connect to the speaker BEFORE the music starts. At the moment, I can only select ‘other devices’ when I have already pressed play. This means I have a few seconds of iPhone playback, then I can select my Sonos speaker, which takes over the playback. Then I have to rewind back to the start of the track to start it again using the speaker (a bit OCD I know). 


I feel there must be a way to get the connection to Sonos set up before pressing play. 

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Re: Connect to Speaker before playback

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Hello @paulrgmusic


To connect your phone to you speaker before the music starts go to "settings" and then press "devices" and click "devices menu" and connect from there. After that you can enjoy your music.


I hope that was what you are looking for. Have a good day.