Constant false reports and inability to find playlist


Constant false reports and inability to find playlist

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Hi. I'm currently running a playlist named rain//lofi. 
Link to playlist: spotify:playlist:4WjVk9iFhJcXRgWIj15cTx 


However, over the past weeks i've been constantly getting falsely reported multiple times. That's fine as I've sent out emails to Spotify. However, right now, as i search up certain keywords such as 'lofi rain', or 'lofi' my playlist doesn't show up anymore. for example, 'lofi rain' used to be the top result, along with 'rain lofi', and my playlist would show up with just a slight scroll down for 'lofi'. Does anyone know what is happening to my playlist that is causing the inability for people to search for? 

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Re: Constant false reports and inability to find playlist

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Hi there! 
I am having sort off the same kind of problem, as my playlist (well, it is my friends playlist, but I want to help him), is getting false reports all the time, which is very frustrating. It is also a lo-fi hip hop playlist, which is a coincidence.
The problem with this playlist, is that it getting these false reports and because of that, is out of the algorithm, just like yours.
There are already many messages going back and forth with Spotify, and it seems that the word "Lo-Fi" can not be used in the main title, which is realy weird, as a lot playlists have this in their title, right?

Anyway, I hope you could help me and tell me how did you fix this issue?