keeps skipping songs + high CPU Usage

Reply keeps skipping songs + high CPU Usage

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I know that this hasn't really anything to do with Spotify directly but as offers little to absolutely no help, I thought I might wanna post here andhope that someone else has noticed that before.


I love It has great lists, it's a cool idea and I love listening to it. HOWEVER:


As of late things haven't been running very smooth. Essentially this is what happens: I start a station, genre, whatever and the first song plays fine. But then when the song ends, instead of selecting a new one, it skips. And again and again, through dozens of songs, before (sometimes) settling on a new song. In the meantime my CPU fans go berzerk (Mac Mini 2012) and the computer heats up incredibly.


Sometimes it settles on a song again and plays that but most of the time it just going until at some point it just pauses and stops.


I honestly don't know what's going on or wrong. has worked in the past (a few months ago) but I have always noticed tendencies towards this behaviour. Is it normal with Cubic? Is there no way to work around it?


Advice/ Help or just a discussion about it would be nice. I couldn't find anything on here so far. And my hope is that I'm not the only one with this problem ;)